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September Artist of the Month

Our sixth Virtual Artist is Anita Cullen

Anita told us the following;

  I have been painting for about 10 years. I starting at  the Seasoned Art classes, which gave me a good basis for most mediums. 

 Bexhill Art Society  has been very good for me especially with the variety of guest artist that are featured in our monthly meetings. 

I enjoy experimenting with different paints, brushes and tools and  seeing what effects I can get using them and the different techniques.

I enjoy looking at and sharing  my  painting as much as I do painting them.

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August Artist of the Month

Our Fifth Virtual Artist is Pat Howland

Painting for more years than she cared to reveal Pat has not been painting so much during the Lockdown period. Partly due to a fractured neck of femur in April. She tell me she is much better now and is enjoying getting back to her gardening, and hoping to join in the En Plein Air sessions.

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July Artist of the Month

Virtual Artist number four is Moya Hulley

A former Chair of the Bexhill Art Society Moya is the societies very own boffin having degrees in Biology and Chemistry and having worked as a food analyst, in education and as a Radiographer.

She moved to Bexhill from Wimbledon where she was a keen tennis player and had actually played on the competition courts.

She took up painting following bereavement some thirteen years ago and followed a course in watercolour at Putney School of Art.

As well as watercolour she uses Acrylic and loves painting on Silk, some of which are shown below. Recently following the lockdown easing she has been meeting with a small group and is currently experimenting with painting on ceramics.

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JUNE Artist of the Month

Virtual Artist number three is Penny Fawkner

Penny has been in total 'Lockdown' from day one but has been using the time to start writing her Autobiography.

From the brief details she provided for us

it will be a fascinating read.

These are Penny's own words;

I have always been interested in Art and drew and painted from an early age having attended a Convent where we had an Art Studio and excellent instruction. I took ‘O’ level Art then did sciences for ‘A’ level but continued with Art as an ‘extra’. My working life was in television production in London and Australia. As a programme director you have to be able to assess the composition of the images you are transmitting. Later, when my children were small, I taught Art and Craft at the small school they attended. Another hobby about which I was passionate was Dance. I belonged to a ballet club in London for which I designed and made costumes, and later designed costumes for the West Australian Ballet Company. Many years after that I became involved with doing the same for BLODS. (Bexhill Light Operatic and Dramatic Society) When my children were at University I decided to return to study myself and did an Open University degree in the humanities, part of which consisted of Art History. My first experience of Oil Painting was an evening class with the artist, Euan Uglow, in the 1950’s, but had no further instruction until moving to Bexhill some 30 years later when I took a course in Botanical Painting at Hastings College. Various other adult education classes followed including for many years with Alison Crowhurst in her studio at Peasmarsh.

My work at present is generally water colour flower painting

or Land and Seascapes in Acrylic.

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MAY Artist of the Month

An Artist that must surely be the Societies most Loyal Member and our second Virtual Artist

Margaret Peddie

When asked for a few words about herself and her Art, this is what Margaret told us.

"When I was a child I loved to draw, but It was at senior school that I was introduced to colour instead of black and white, and painting became my first love.

During my teens I joined my first art society in my birth town Stamford, Lincs.

During my 20s thru 40s I encouraged my own children and those for whom I was the child minder to draw and to paint.

I my 50s I lived in Rainham, Kent, attending a council run art school where I discovered Acrylic, entered my first competition and was awarded a certificate of merit, which I treasure to this day.

In 1988 I moved to Cooden and joined a painting class run in the tennis club.  Also, I became a member of Bexhill Art Society (BAS) and then Little Common art group.

In 2001 I moved to Bembridge, Isle of Wight, travelling back to attend BAS every month until moving back to Little Common in 2010.  Bembridge art society was very active with meetings every week, but I was still drawn back to Bexhill."

Thank you Margaret.

As commented previously, there must be something in the water.

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April Artist of the Month.

Sally Bannister

Congratulations Sally, our first virtual Artist.

Sally only started painting when she moved to Bexhill some years ago (there must be something in the air) she had never previously painted at all not even during her school years.

She prefers to use Acrylic paint and takes inspiration from things that catch her, very obviously artistic, eye

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March Artist of the Month

Christine Verrijden

Christine is a member of Bexhill Art Society Committee currently working hard on the Exhibition Sub-committee.

Christine may we ask how long have you been painting?

"Over 30 years."

What mediums do you use?

"Oil and Acrylic with my preferred medium being Acrylic"

Did you have any formal Art Education?

"I did a Foundation Art Course too many years ago to recall"

What Inspires you?

"Life, simple as that."

Do you have any exhibitions planned, and have you sold any of your works.

"I am exhibiting in 4 different exhibitions with 4 different societies this year, naturally with Bexhill Art Society as my main focus, and yes I have been fairly successful in selling some of my work in previous years."

Thank you Christine, and good luck in our May Exhibition.

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