early visitor .jpg

Early Spring Visitor

By Jan McIntosh

Last of the Summer Green.

By Colin West keeping busy.


The aliens may be dead, but they still look interesting

By Dennis Philpott

Autumnal hues.jpg

Claudie keeping the paint flowing and filling the time with a loveable little face.

Love-in-a-Mist 1 Dried Seedheads.jpg

Seasonal Autumn Leaves

By Jan MacIntosh

A submission from one of our new members.

painted during lockdown based on photos of the tv during the programme Repair Workshop

Titled "Willing Hands"

By Di Knell.

Di Knell Willing Hands 2. .jpg
Di Knell Willing Hands Final  version..j
Alian Life at the bottom of my garden...

Aliens at the bottom of my garden.

By Dennis Philpott

Highland Woodland

by Colin West

Highland Woods Colin West.jpg
Tricia Williams Sawer Glacier.jpg

The inspiring Sawer Glacier

by Trica Williams

Prolific Dennis Philpott inspired this time by the TV

Cornish Tin Mine Pump House

14d Tin Mine Painted 2020 Dennis Philpot