A link sent in by Valerie Sprott to the 'Virtual Village Hall'

Lots of useful information and activities.

Take a Look.

Bexhill Art Society as a club is affiliated with the SAA

(Society of Amateur Artists)

who have opened their site to all clubs during the crisis.

Click on the link below to access weekly videos on classes and demonstrations directly.

This will take you to the

The Arts Society.

They say the majority of their members are over 70!

What ever do they mean?

This will take you to Melanie's YouTube channel with weekly demonstrations from one of our demonstrators.

Simple watercolour landscape

using one brush.

There are Gazillions of videos out there on any subject you care to mention.
If you are unsure of how or where to find any here are a few links that will take you directly to YouTube videos on Art and Painting demonstrations.
Just click on any of the buttons above.
Every now and then adverts may pop up, the artists do have to earn a living,
just wait for the "Skip Ad" box to appear,
usually in the bottom right hand corner,
click on it and carry on. At the end of the video a new one may well start, watch if you wish or just click on the STOP lines.
Close the window or use the 'back' arrow to return to our own website.

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