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August 1st. 2020

A socially distanced event with sanitised everything

There was a display of some of the work members had created during Lockdown, a wonderful array of the "Lockdown Memory Squares"

A great start but we need MORE to make this a spectacular event.











July 2020 

Another month of uncertainty but undaunted we had a full programme on the website and the now famous "Guess the Painting" challenge.

The Artist of the Month was Moya Hulley showing some of her Silk Paintings and Painting on Ceramics.

The weekly En Plein Air sessions gained popularity as more of our members ventured out into the summer sunshine.

Do get in touch if you would like to take part and look out for the Bexhill Art Society Banner.


June 2020

A Month of Heat, Storms and continued uncertainty but we still had loads to do in our continuous virtual meeting. It will be slightly sad when we are limited to just on day a month.

We had a fabulous synopsis of her artistic life from our Artist of the Month Penny Fawkner.

We had, thanks to the efforts of Jan McIntosh, the mind stretching weekly 'Guess the Painting' competition. Hope you all are enjoying them.

There was the Monthly Competition on 'Shimmering Heat' that produced a boggling variety of interpretations, and the images to inspire you in the 'Paint This' challenge.

Some of our more intrepid members ventured out for socially distanced En Plein Air painting sessions. Get in touch if you would like to join in.

Enough to keep us all entertained.

Keep going folks, there is light at the end of the tunnel. (We Hope)


May 2020

We are getting used to this now, another month of Fun and Frolics with our month long Virtual meetings. Again there was the weekly quiz, the 'Paint This Challenge' and the Monthly Competition. This time on the theme of RENEWAL. There was a fantastic variety of interpretations of the subject. Many thanks

and well done to all those that took part.


April 2020

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions there was no meeting but the Society rallied and managed to host quizzes, challenges and the usual monthly competition all via this website.

It is as if our meeting carries on all Month.

We had a weekly Guess the Painting quiz

A fantastic selection of paintings for the Monthly Competition "Beneath Your Feet"

Lots of submissions for the weekly

"Paint this Challenge"

So many interpretations of a single scene.

Many thanks to all who are taking part.

If you haven't done so yet have a go.

Take a look at what is on offer and JOIN IN!



March 7th.

Membership Renewal Day and the start of a new season saw a packed House.

An informative Demonstration By Josie Tipler

and a Still Life showing how Pastels work with various mixed Media.

The Exhibition entry forms and instructions became available, as was our fantastic Raffle.

Members can Help us to fund raise by selling tickets on behalf of the Society



The dreaded AGM on 1st. February was not so dreadful after all with an enjoyable time despite the necessary society formalities.

An Origami workshop

and a taxing Art Quiz rounded off the afternoon.

Many thanks to all the contributors.

The present committee was readily re-elected to serve for the coming year.

Although members were asked to come forward and volunteer to prepare for the essential committee member changes that MUST take place next year,

it's not an onerous job, actually quite enjoyable

(I can vouch for that)

Any members interested please get in touch

December 7th 2019 Christmas Member's Competition and Social

I think all those that attended enjoyed themselves, this video shows the festive Spirit was certainly in full flow. (only on Tea)

We had some brilliant entries for the competition which was Hotly contested with the overall Winner sneaking in by only one vote, there had to a re-count to be sure.

Many thanks to all those that donated Food and raffle prizes

It was almost a Prize for every ticket.

A HUGE vote of thanks to

J. Ingles for the entertainment

Winner in Plants & Flowers
With Autumn Leaves
Winner in Portraits & People
With "Lady" Sings the Blues
Well Done
Winner in Pets & Animals
with My Best Friend
Soooo Cute!
Winner in Landscape
With Winter Lodge
Winner in Seascape
With Sunset on the Rocks
Winner in Abstract and the OVERALL WINNER
With Leaves
Many Congratulations.

It was a Dark and Stormy Night,

well it certainly was a wet and windy afternoon.

2nd November 2019

Those that managed to stand up in the 50 mph winds and survived the biblical deluge rather than building an Ark had a splattery time with Mark Fisher and his inimitable and recognisable style

About 20 members enjoyed a workshop with Mark  who gave us some very useful guidance on how to create a landscape depicting the South Downs.  

The first thing that Mark introduced us to was using an old rag for blending the sky using white and cian blue then moving down to build up the distance by adding a little cadmium  yellow to the blue.


The foreground was great fun and Mark had us stippling with our rag to build up a (hay) field and then, oh joy, we used a fir-hedge clipping to 'paint' the hedge.


A most enjoyably immersive  two hours was had by all and our thanks goes deservedly to Mark.

Let's get this thing started!

Pay attention


Congratulations everyone, it was worth it!

St Augustine's Church Hall

St Augustine's Close


TN39 3AZ

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