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Terry Carter moved to Bexhill in 1959. In 1960 the Corporation staged an Art Exhibition at the De la Warr (with the East Sussex Arts Club). Why hasn’t Bexhill an Art Society of its own? was the logical question Terry asked.

In November 1960 Terry wrote to the Bexhill Observer. As a result, several people contacted him, and he called a meeting at his house. They discussed the situation and decided to take action. Each person put in £5, (a considerable sum way back than) booked a room at the De la Warr and placed an advert in the Bexhill Observer. The first meeting took place on 14th January 1961 attended by about 100 people.

It was decided at that meeting to form a Bexhill Art Society with Mr Williams as Chairman, Mrs Williams as Treasurer and Terry Carter as Secretary. They held monthly meetings with criticisms, talks, demonstrations,  outings and painting classes. The first Society Exhibition was in July 1961 at the De la Warr, with the paintings hung round the walls and on screens in the rotundas. 159 pictures were received, 139 hung, 20 being rejected however 12 were sold. Over 800 catalogues were sold at a tanner each.

Five years later, in 1966 280 pictures were received, 216 hung, 64 rejected, 35 sold. Also 1000 catalogues were sold.

A debt of gratitude must surely be owed to Mr Carter as 60 years on the society still flourishes, and with your help will go on for at least 60 more.

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