Artist of the Month 2021

The Artist of the Month for April is Jane Masters

Jane Masters a long time member of Bexhill Art Society having previously served as a Committee member, and has even provided us with demonstrations of her considerable talent.

On leaving school Jane had hoped to attend Art College but following the separation of her parents the reality of the world forced her to find paid employment and Art was forgotten about. 

During her 30’s Jane took a 6 week watercolour course with Eric Kay and the fire was re-kindled.

Unfortunately shortly after this she lost her Mum and struggling to cope with the bereavement painting again took a back seat.

About 3 years later she took an adult Art Course at Eastbourne College covering Pottery, Sculpture, and various painting mediums, but not watercolour which by now Jane knew was her preferred medium.

 She did however pass the course with distinction.

Lots of practice over the years has refined Jane’s techniques and she now teaches watercolour, does a few demonstrations and is involved with several Art Groups having run one herself. 

Acrylic paint happened along and Jane embraced its vibrancy to full effect adding another string to her bow.

Into the Lockdown and Jane fell very ill with suspected Covid and also unfortunately lost another close relative, all during a house move.

This lead to a discovery of Digital Art using a Tablet and App, less mess when you are unwell and all the Art equipment is packed away.

Lots of practice and watching “Youtube” videos has resulted in some remarkable images and several Digital commissions.

Watercolour is, however, still the overriding passion.

Now living in the heart of the Downs Jane is looking forward to inspiration from the surroundings.

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The Artist of the Month for MARCH is Jenny Hughes.

This is what Jenny sent in:

I’ve been making art since I was small then studied graphic design at college in Brighton; I stayed there, mainly because of the sea, for most of my adult life; whilst working as a graphic designer and bringing up my son I joined various art courses and did drawing, painting, photography and silkscreen printing as hobbies.

I had a traumatic close shave with death in 2005 which changed my life and left me with various difficulties including a brain injury and fluctuating emotions. I moved to France permanently (I thought!) in 2014, and lived near Toulon for over 5 years; I enjoyed experimenting at home with different materials and techniques, attended art therapy and other classes and exhibited in several group shows.

Unfortunately I was forced to return to the UK and have now lived in Bexhill for a year; I joined BAS and Bexhill Artists Workshop so I could get to meet people here; I had never visited Bexhill and knew nobody; I have had to adapt to so much and often feel very lost and confused.

Where I’m living isn’t suitable for creating big and messy art (as my old place was) so here I mostly make small works on paper using a variety of media and techniques.

I have wide interests and am inspired by countless people, creatures, patterns/motifs and stories from every era and culture; everyone and everything influence me.


You can see more of my work on my website:  

And here :

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Our February Artist of the Month for 2021 is Pat Howland with an intriguing range of subjects 

This is what Pat told us about herself.

I have always loved painting & drawing. I considered going to art school, but as my parents were not well off, I opted to study orthopaedic & general nursing, which was free.

We had to work 10 hour shifts and then attend lectures, but I still managed to pass exams.

Including an award for material medica which came with a prize. I chose a box of paints!

Later after 3 years in midwifery I married and travelled with my husband for the next 20years. 

I lived for 18 years in France 30miles from the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean & Spain in a mixed community of Catalan, French, British & Dutch.

There I attended an Art group who had occasional visiting artist including Sorya French.

I have also attended a life drawing course in Little Common.

My best wishes to everyone. Keep safe. Patricia

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