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Art Tip 1
Using Acrylic and find you are unable to clean your ceramic or plastic palette?
Let the paint completely dry then soak the whole palette overnight in cold water and the paint will just float off to be disposed of properly.
This saves plastic washing down the drain and causing pollution.


 A wonderful speckled effect can be created in a watercolour wash by sprinkling on Rock Salt while it is still very wet. Let it dry then brush off and marvel at the result.

Tip 3

Fed up with your Acrylic paint drying out?

Make a free 'Stay Wet' palette from an old

Ferro Roche box.

First enjoy the contents, then line the base with blotting paper or a heavy weight paper, soak in water then drain away any excess. Finally top that with a sheet of greaseproof paper.

The greaseproof is easily changed each time you change your colour palette.

Replace the lid every time between using the paint, and you can give the paint a light mist spray at the end of each painting session.

Don't overspray or the paint will become too runny and unusable.

I have kept paint for months with this method.

Saves MONEY too.

Tip 4

Another way to get a speckled effect or texture into watercolour is to use a sharp knife or scalpel to shave tiny bits of the lead of a watercolour crayon onto wet watercolour paint or wet paper.

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