Next Physical Meeting
July 4th 
Subject to confirmation
Virtual Monthly Meetings will continue here.
So please DO Join In.

In these extraordinary times we will do what we can to keep you informed of what we are doing and meanwhile invite you to take part in our regular Monthly activities here on our website.

Take a picture of your monthly competition entry and e-mail it in with the title as your name. There is still a CASH prize to be won.

Scratch those Grey Cells and have a go at our "Guess the Painting" Challenge. A New Picture each week.

Send in pictures of any project you have on the go or have recently completed.

Have a go at our 'PAINT THIS' challenge. 

Our 'Artist of the Month' will have their paintings on display here on the website.

What better way to raise the spirits than to 'get lost' in a painting. Total Bliss! so share with us here.

Now that we are Licenced by the Local Authority we are able to raise much needed funds from our Raffle.

This Year we have a FABULOUS FIRST PRIZE of £150.00.

 Our MEMBERS can help by selling tickets to their family, friends, neighbours, anybody in fact.

It all helps support OUR EXHIBITION.

Did you know it costs over £2,000.00 just to hire the

Pavilion Studio so we need our members HELP.

If you are a member and want to HELP Raise FUNDS

PLEASE do get in touch.

The DRAW has been delayed until Sunday 11th Oct. (subject to review) with CASH PRIZES all tickets will still be valid.

I do hope that you are all safe and well out there, these are strange times


Do any of you our members have an Art Tip or wrinkle that may be of use to others?

If so get in touch and it will appear on the new


page in the members area.

Membership Fees are due 

they have been held at. £25.00

You can pay by card at the meeting, by cheque, cash

Or you can pay by B.A.C.S. details on our membership page

The Members Area access code has now changed.

Ask for the Code when you renew your subscription.

If you have forgotten it send us an e-mail and we will refresh your memory


Artist of the Month: 

Sally Bannister

Monthly Competition:


There is a CASH prize to be won

so go on please have a go,

we love to see your work.

E-Mail in a picture of your entry,

give the e-mail the title of your name

There is a prize which we will send to the winner by BACS


and VOTE for your favourite

by clicking on the Heart Icon.

The competition will run all month.

Tell everybody what you are doing and keep in touch via our website

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