Upcoming Activities

We are getting used to this now but All events are subject to Government Restrictions and may be subject to change.

We will do our best to keep you well informed.





No scheduled meeting

but our weekly Guess the Painting will continue.

Monthly Competition Hope!



February is normally our A.G.M however due to restrictions expected to still be in-place we have postponed this until April

The now regular on-line activities will continue until restrictions are fully lifted.

Artist of the Month

Pat Howland. 

Monthly Competition Frosted Earth


March 6th. 

Normally Membership Renewal time, again as we expect restriction to still be in place

this has been postponed until April.

However if changes in Government guidelines do allow we will hold a social.

Artist of the Month.

Jenny Hughes

Monthly Competition Opening Buds


April 10th. 

Annual General Meeting, Reunion Social, exhibition of the "Celebration of 2020" paintings, display of the Lockdown Squares and Membership renewal

(remember anybody that paid the full membership in March2020 has had their membership extended into 2021)

Artist of the Month.

If you would like to feature your work please get in touch

Monthly Competition. Family


May 1st.

Demonstration by Teresa Currie

Mixed media presentation using Graphite, Oil Pastel and wash.

I am currently teaching and running 3 art groups.

I cover a wide range of mediums and subject matter.

The objective of the sessions is to encourage and

inspire students to explore different mediums

and build on their existing skills. 

Artist of the Month.

If you would like to feature your work please get in touch

Monthly Competition.Dawn Breaking


June 5th.

Demonstration by Stephen Cheesman Watercolour

I am an artist and a painter of People in sport,

combining human action and movement with

what aids them be the best at what they do.

I love observing an individual or group and secretly

inventing a story based on their movement,

inflections, and attitude.

  I work quickly on a coloured canvas

in Oil Pastels with references from

sketchbooks and photographs I have taken.

Although my paintings are realistic in nature

they are also slightly abstract,

my intention is not to create

a painting that looks like a photograph

I interpret the scenes in the colours I perceive

work best together to create a

vibrant active painting showing movement and effort.

During my demonstrations I will talk about

media selection, composition, colours,

and also what I am thinking as I am painting.

I talk… a lot really and generate a lot of enthusiasm in my demonstrations.

My hope would be that everyone will go away and try something different….


Artist of the Month.

If you would like to feature your work please get in touch.

Monthly Competition Speed!


July 3rd.

Demonstration by Maggi Cross

Chinese Brush Painting

Chinese Painting is an ancient

and fascinating art.

It has developed from the calligraphy

which is an art form in its own right.

The technique is to hold the brush

in a particular way and using different

pressures create strokes which become

flowers, birds, animals and landscapes.

Traditional Chinese painting has a simplicity

which appeals to many people.

Symbolism plays a large part in the art.

Beware - it can be highly addictive!

Artist of the Month.

If you would like to feature your work please get in touch.

Monthly Competition Oriental 


August 7th.

Presentation by Jenny Dalleywater

Scraperboard Presentation

Hello, my name is Jenny Dalleywater, a Kent based artist,

specialising in scratchboard, with domestic

and wildlife animals as my main subjects,

though people creep in sometimes too.

However, I also love pastel,

coloured and graphite pencils

and I occasionally dabble in charcoal .

The pattern forming here, as you might notice,

is anything that doesn’t involve brushes!!  

Scratchboard is my ‘go to’ medium.

 A few years ago I had a eureka moment

when I discovered this little known medium

while researching on the internet.

 I say little known, as although it is much more used in the

USA, Canada, Australia, China and a few other countries,

here in the UK, apart from maybe dabbling

in ‘scraperboard at school, most people

are unaware of it and the amazing detail it can achieve.

I am only aware of a handful of

scratchboard artists here in the UK

and I am, currently, one of only four UK

members of the USA based

International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA).

Artist of the Month.

If you would like to feature your work please get in touch.

Monthly Competition Contrasts


September 4th.

Demonstration by Ronnie Ireland

Develop your ideas in Acrylic.

Drawing and Painting is my way

of trying to understand the world.

From early childhood I always

seem to have had a pencil in my hand.

I have different approaches,

usually driven by the content of the work.

Whatever the style or subject however,

my works always investigates identity,

inviting the viewer to develop

their own thoughts,

feelings and narrative.

I was born and educated in Glasgow

and now live in Hampshire.

Artist of the Month.If you would like to feature your work please get in touch.

Monthly Competition  Harvest


October 2nd.

Demonstration by Melanie Cambridge

How to use Gouache, the forgotten medium.

I have always painted since childhood and by the

age of 14 was using oil colours.

I love the buttery texture and tactile nature of oil paint,

the way you can move it around,

scrape off and keep inspiration flowing.

My main artistic influences come from nature,

particularly the English Coastline

and the open Downland near to my home.

Both places have such wide open spaces and big skies.

Light, colour and atmosphere are inspirational to me

– even an empty beach,

if there are interesting cloud formations

can be the starting point for a painting.

Whilst at school, I did not flourish in art

and so ended up at business college

and went in to an office environment to earn a living.

Painting took a back seat.

However, by 1998 the drive to paint was

getting far too strong,

so I took an opportunity to work part-time

to spend more timing developing my art.

After several years came the chance to take redundancy

and step out fully into the art world.

So here I am now, painting, teaching,

developing my own colours and brushes

and following my passion.

Artist of the Month.If you would like to feature your work please get in touch.

Monthly Competition  Storms at Sea----------------------------

November 6th.

Workshop with Max Hale

Interiors and the play of light using a Pallette knife.

There will be limited places available to take part in the workshop

so be sure to book your place early.

My base has always been drawing, the root of all visual art.

 Whatever an artist's work, it relies so much on the

confidence of the 'seeing' process developed when you can draw.

It's the one vital element which enables the visualisation

process as the painting process takes on its own identity. 

As a tonal painter, the extraordinary paintings

of Dutch master Rembrandt inspire and invigorate me

 by the emotion and strength of each piece.

I adore the human as subject matter yet

I am never constrained by giving myself limits.

The challenges that other genres present are lost

as I immerse myself in the way light guides

my emotive response.

I follow a quest to make my paintings display commanding form,

values that sing with light and colour.

A dynamism that speaks the message

I endeavour to tell from deep within my soul.

This is in each and every painting.

I adore moving my focus from one medium to another,

I fall in and out of love with each of them regularly.

This along with my mix of subjects

enhances my experience as much as it breaks continuity.

I find painting a delightful journey that gives me

immense pleasure even though it can be a

fickle mistress with far too much to explore,

so I endorse 'ars longa vita Brevis'

Artist of the Month.

If you would like to feature your work please get in touch.

Monthly Competition Home Fires Burning


December 4th

Social and Member's Exhibition


-The Doors open at 2pm.

-Browse the SALES TABLE and grab a bargain

-Purchase ART SUPPLIES from the SAA Catalogue at DISCOUNTED member rates

-Bring along your Picture to enter in the


          You don't have to be Picasso or Constable to have a go, just express yourself with the given subject.

-Check out the Artwork of Artist of the Month

-Sign up for a WORKSHOP

- Take your seat at 2.15pm

-Watch the DEMONSTRATION starting at 2.30pm

-Enjoy a Chat, make a new friend, have a Cuppa during the interval

-Tell your friends all about us,

and we hope to see you soon.

St Augustine's Church Hall

St Augustine's Close


TN39 3AZ

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