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Lockdown and Tiered Restrictions continue

preventing us from getting together

However we are hosting a

Celebration of 2020

A year you might prefer to forget but let us turn a negative into a positive in the form of an on-line exhibition showing your best work from this extraordinary year.

Celebrate what you have created.

You may enter as many categories as you wish, but only one painting per category. It doesn't need to be framed just send in an image by e-mail to

include the category you are entering and your name. If you cant manage that yourself, once the Lockdown is eased grab a relative, friend or neighbour with a smart phone to do it for you, or contact us and one of the Committee will come and safely photograph your work for you.

If you have watercolour paintings it's best to have them photographed without any glass.

The same categories apply as we have used in previous years.

Seascape / Landscape

Portraits / Wildlife

Flora / Fauna


So come on, sort out your best work of this year,

or as there is still time CREATE a NEW one

Get Painting!

It's great Therapy for these current times.

You may enter as many of the categories as you wish and don't forget to VOTE for you favourite in each category as we will have the display running until Christmas.

Christmas is coming

If you would like to send a Christmas Greeting to your friends in the Society send in an e-mail to

title it Christmas and your greeting will appear on our Greetings page.

How well do you know your Town?

Or Guess the Location?

Have go at our NEW Daily Quiz
Can you identify where in Bexhill these objects or places are? Send in your answers.
In the mean time, get out the paints and join us here on the website.
try the "Paint This" challenge,
New images for you to "have a go" with
Try our "50 Shades of Grey" challenge.
Send in images of your latest Projects.
Peruse the work of our
"Artists of the Month"
Lots to keep your spirits up and Remember!

Due to the continuing uncertainty and issues on sanitising paper items and handling cash we have also decided to POSTPONE our FABULOUS RAFFLE until 2021.

If you have purchased tickets do keep them safe

you could still be a winner.

In these extraordinary times we will do what we can to keep you informed of what we are doing and meanwhile invite you to take part in our activities here on our website.

Send in pictures of any project you have on the go or have recently completed.

If you have run out of paint and have a Tablet or similar device, send in you Digital Art to feature on our

Digital Art Page

Our 'Artist of the Month' will have their paintings on display here on the website.

What better way to raise the spirits than to 'get lost' in a painting. Total Bliss! so share with us here.

Do any of you our members have an Art Tip or wrinkle that may be of use to others?

If so get in touch and it will appear on the new


page in the members area.

Membership Fees  have been held at. £25.00

You can pay by card at the meeting, by cheque, cash

Or you can pay by B.A.C.S. details on our membership page

The Members Area access code has now changed.

Ask for the Code when you renew your subscription.

If you have forgotten it send us an e-mail and we will refresh your memory

we love to see your work.

Send in your entries to

Title the e-mail 'Colours' and include your name.

St Augustine's Church Hall

St Augustine's Close


TN39 3AZ

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